Valerie Krokosky

Valerie Krokosky is a Dental Hygienist at Randallwood Dental in St Charles, IL.

From the classroom to the clinic, Valerie Krokosky embarked on a remarkable journey, transitioning from a beloved high school chemistry teacher to a dedicated dental hygienist. With the gentle heart of an educator and the skilled hands of a hygienist, she pours her passion into improving overall oral health, one radiant smile at a time.

Radiating joy in helping others, relishing hands-on work, and reveling in the art of precision, Valerie has been leaving smiles sparkling since 2017. Recognized as the esteemed recipient of the Golden Scaler award in her graduating class, she has affectionately earned the endearing titles of “angel hands” and “gum master” among peers and patients alike.

When she’s not tenderly caring for teeth, Valerie finds her bliss in the company of her loving husband and their delightful two-year-old son. Beyond her professional pursuits, she seeks adventure in the great outdoors, dances to the rhythm of live concerts, and unwinds with the soothing art of quilting.

A proud native of Kentucky, Valerie holds a special place as the youngest among seven siblings, surrounded by the laughter and love of an impressive clan of 28 nieces and nephews. Her genuine warmth and unwavering dedication to oral health continue to touch hearts and brighten smiles, both inside and outside the clinic.


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